Figuring it Out…Again

With baby #7 on the way, and learning so much last time, I thought it would be easy to get ready this time: buy a few more wipes, find a few covers, ready to go! But one thing I’m learning about myself is – I’m a bit of a control freak. And when I’m in a situation where I have very little control (like a pregnancy where I am looking at the possibility of a c-section due to partial placenta previa – and that scares me to death because what mom of seven has time for a c-section recovery?) – I tend to hyperfocus on things I can control (like our cloth diapering system). So here I am, hyperfocusing again.

We already had 2 dozen each of preemie, newborn, small, medium, and large prefolds. We also had 13 newborn prefitteds (fitted diapers made from prefolds, like GMD’s workhorses, but these are Tinkle Traps and some made by a friend), 9 small bamboo fitteds, 24 one-size fitted wraps that I sewed from the Rita’s Rump Pocket pattern, and a one-size fitted diaper whose brand I can’t remember. And a few all-in-ones in each size. So, LOTS of diapers. No newborn covers, though.

I researched it to death, like I always do. Decided to buy PUL covers for easiness’ sake (Clotheez size 0), couldn’t bring myself to go through with it, thought about it some more, and finally settled back on wool. Which, as you may know, can be VERY pricey, especially for good quality wool covers, and pricey I can’t do right now. So I scouted all my usual secondhand sources (see my post New or Used to learn what those are). My rule of thumb is never to spend more on a cover than I will be able to sell it for later, and preferably less. So I try to keep to $5 or less for a PUL or fleece cover, or $20 or less for wool longies, $10 or less for wool soakers. That may seem almost impossible, but if you know what you are looking for, and you aren’t in too much of a hurry, you will be surprised what will turn up. So far I have bought two lots on ebay: 3 interlock covers, Loveybums and Truly Charis brands, for about $25 including shipping, and a pair of NEW xs Lost Sheep Woolies footed longies for $15 shipped; and one lot in a Facebook group (Wild Coconut Wear Buy/Sell/Trade and Chat): xs WCW shorties in beautiful condition for $15 shipped (I’m thinking they’ll work all summer for my May baby). So – it can be done! These won’t all fit a newborn well, so I am still looking for a little more teeny wool and trying not to be in too much of a hurry. I’ve also decided that since I don’t love my small prefolds (Osocozy mediums – they are the same size as other brands’ smalls) especially to padfold in the fitted wraps, I think I will sell them and buy some GMD novice prefolds, which are the same size but a little thinner. Trying to decide whether to keep the AIOs or not. I don’t think I need them exactly but I really liked them last time so I might just hang onto them until I know for sure whether they will be of use or not.

All that rambling to say, the plan right now is to have about 2 dozen fitteds and 2 dozen prefolds in each size, and at least 8 covers per size, primarily but not exclusively wool. That seems like a lot for this minimalist mama but I’m working from home and homeschooling right now so I have to give myself some grace and a little more wiggle room. Still on the hunt for a few more newborn covers. Hopefully that will do it and I will be able to feel settled about it once I have those things in place.

What about you? Have you got it figured out? Anything you are still trying to find? Wishing you all the best – happy cloth diaper hunting!

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