Favorite Cloth Diaper Shops

Love the simplicity of a stack of clean, soft prefolds!

Some of my favorite places to purchase/learn about all things cloth diapers:

  1. Green Mountain Diapers – GMD has been the gold standard cloth diaper store for YEARS (I remember people swearing by them when I first started using cloth in 2007). Their website has a “Learn” tab with a wealth of information to help you get started in cloth. Their products are great quality, their customer service is stellar, and their shipping is lightning fast. Totally worth the extra few dollars it might cost (notice I said “might” – they’ve recently started doing sales more often and they might actually be the cheapest good quality diapers too if you hit them at the right time). They have a Facebook group too – Green Mountain Diapers Friends Group – join for info and trouble-shooting and all-around cloth diapering encouragement (plus a 5% off coupon that works on prefolds and workhorses). The owner, Karen Amidon, is a cloth diapering expert and she is on there often too. One thing I love about GMD is their simplicity: they aren’t pushing constant new things on you (though they do have new prints of the brands they carry now and again) – they just provide good quality diapers and practical advice and expertise. *They also carry some in-between prefold sizes if you want some other options besides the normal newborn, small, medium, and large.* Overall a great place to shop.
  2. Nicki’s Diapers – most of my prefolds are from Nicki’s. They are a little squishier and not quite as quilty as GMD’s, so some people don’t prefer them, but I really like and recommend both. My favorite is their unbleached Nicki’s prefolds. I also think their Nicki’s fitted diapers (made from their prefolds) look super nice, but I’ve never been able to afford them, so that’s just from looking at them right now. A fun thing about Nicki’s is for every store brand diaper you buy, they donate a diaper to someone in need. Definitely a cause worth supporting. They also manufacture Imagine and PlanetWise products, but their store brand ones are my favorites.
  3. ClothDiaper.com – if you are on a super tight budget but still want to buy new, this can be a good place. They sell Osocozy prefolds, which of the ones I have purchased have not been my favorites. The Osocozy Better Fit Infant size ones I bought (equivalent to GMD Newborn) are actually really nice, but the Osocozy Better Fit Medium prefolds (equivalient to GMD Smalls) aren’t as soft as GMD and Nicki’s. However, they work well and are a good budget option if you just need to get started. They have major sales regularly – watch for those, you can get up to 40% off, which is huge – and also have seconds and quantity sales that can add up to deep discounts too.
  4. Wild Coconut Wear – most of my wool longies are from WCW. I have never bought one of their products new – wool is so expensive new, I just can’t do it – but I have bought them on used diaper sites and their Facebook B/S/T page (Wild Coconut Wear Buy/Sell/Trade) and I really like them. They are very well made, nice thick bulletproof interlock wool, and they retain their value really well. As long as you take good care of them, used woolies can be sold for as much as you paid for them or more. Totally worth investing in…at least secondhand. I’m sure new are lovely too, they’re just too rich for my blood. But if you want to buy new, go for it – you’re supporting a work-at-home mama and buying great quality products that will last.
  5. 6 Bags Full – another work-at-home mama with great quality wool items. These are upcycled wool (made from thrifted sweaters). My experience has been that upcycled wool is not as bulletproof as interlock but still works really well. The 6BF pieces I have bought (secondhand, of course) have been very well made and have fit my babies beautifully. My favorite are their knickerwoolies – they are lighter weight and lovely for summer days. Love them. 6BF also has a Facebook B/S/T page: Unofficial 6 Bags Full BST & Chat.

Find more info about where to buy diapers & wool secondhand HERE.

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