Newborn Thrifty Wardrobe

Love the detail on these little baby tops! So sweet!

True story – I have four beautiful daughters and somehow got the idea in my head that I wasn’t going to have any more girls. So I got rid of all my baby girl things after my now-2-year-old outgrew them. And…now we’re having a girl again. So, I had to start over again with baby girl clothes – I feel kind of stupid for that but it actually was pretty fun to go shopping for Baby #7! Normally I am a thrift store girl all the way, but the thrift stores in my rural area are lacking, and I just don’t have time right now to go searching all of them for a few things that will work. So I took advantage of a recent trip to a bigger city and went to Once Upon a Child. If you haven’t been there, it is basically a resale shop for all things baby/child – you can bring in things you have that are still in great condition and they buy them from you and then sell them. So it’s a secondhand shop but things are generally nicer and in better condition than the majority of what you might find in a true thrift store. I was not disappointed. I came away with 15 darling baby tops in various sizes, 6 tiny dresses, a muslin swaddle blanket, and a maternity top for me, all for $91.79! (That’s about $4/piece – not bad for the convenience of finding them all in one place and all in great condition.) That should get us through the first year, yay! *Once Upon a Child also had a whole endcap full of cloth diapers for $3-$5 each. Mostly pockets, inserts, and covers. I didn’t need any so I didn’t look too long at those but if you are in the market and there is one near you that would be a good place to check! They had lots of new and used baby carriers too. I found a darling Ergo for $35. I already have one, so I didn’t buy it, but that is a great price!

A note: after planning out our newborn essentials I realized a lot of what I thought we needed – at least clothing-wise – we didn’t really have to have, and probably wouldn’t get much use out of. That’s why I focused on the tops and dresses. We use wool covers as pants most of the time and I hardly ever use sleepers. I bought a bunch of tees last time and our baby lived in those. It’s fun to have a fresh set. And they are so colorful! I am such a color person, I LOVE color and have to have it in my life (I seriously crave it if things are too drab for too long), so we’ve got kind of a theme going on and I love it. 🙂


The point of all this is, you don’t have to have lots of new or fancy clothes or gear for a new baby. And it’s okay to buy things secondhand or use hand-me-downs. There is no shame in doing the best you can, whatever that looks like – babies seriously don’t care! They just want to be loved and held and fed and kissed, and anything else is just a bonus. I am a firm believer that simplest is best, and sometimes all the other fluff, while well-meant and done lovingly, can get us stressed out and distracted from what really matters. Peacefulness and living within your means should win out over stuff every time.

Swaddle blanket from Once Upon a Child – love the little sparkly hearts!

Another great post about this (I have mentioned Sarah from Clover Lane before, she is wonderful! This is one of my favorite Clover Lane posts, I just love her attitude about new babies and what you really need): Nursery Reveal

Find my original post on Newborn Essentials HERE. I still agree with most of it, just went a little more minimalist on clothing this time around. I’ll do a newborn cloth diaper stash post soon (still waiting on some covers that are supposed to come today, yay!). That stash isn’t quite so minimalist! 🙂

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