How to Cloth Diaper for Cheap or Free

Use DIY flats. Any absorbent material will work: flannel or cotton knit receiving blankets, cotton knit sheets, muslin swaddling blankets, cotton t-shirts cut into a square, you name it, it’s worth a try! I’m not great at flats but I do have a small stash in my emergency bag because they are SO EASY toContinue reading “How to Cloth Diaper for Cheap or Free”

Newborn Thrifty Cloth Diaper Stash (pic heavy)

So. I have mentioned before that our newborn stash was not very successful last time. After years of using prefolds exclusively, I had researched cloth diapers to death and settled on Mother-ease Sandies (fitted diapers) and wool soakers + fleece wraps. But I only had 14 xs Sandies, and they were bamboo, which I hadContinue reading “Newborn Thrifty Cloth Diaper Stash (pic heavy)”

Why Choose Cloth?

I know everyone has their own reasons for choosing to use cloth diapers or not. Here are some of mine, not necessarily in order. Note: I’m comparing using cloth diapers to using disposable diapers, not necessarily to every other option. Elimination Communication is actually preferable to cloth diapers in lots (most?) of these areas butContinue reading “Why Choose Cloth?”

Favorite Cloth Diaper Shops

Some of my favorite places to purchase/learn about all things cloth diapers: Green Mountain Diapers – GMD has been the gold standard cloth diaper store for YEARS (I remember people swearing by them when I first started using cloth in 2007). Their website has a “Learn” tab with a wealth of information to help youContinue reading “Favorite Cloth Diaper Shops”

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